Established in 2021, Lyayo started as an eCommerce platform with the sole purpose of providing high-quality products throughout entire Nepal with costs as low as possible.

The significant issue that we as a customer were facing was the high product costs. So, We decided to establish something that would make different varieties of products, including day-to-day items to your everyday luxury, at affordable prices. Lyayo has the sole purpose of being “Easy to afford.”

Our Team

Karan Tiwari


Anand K.C


Manish Poudel


Chandra Mohan Sen


Catch Up To Us

Q1 2020

Social Media

All our social media accounts were created and Lyayo reached around 5k followers within the first year.

Q3 2020

Product Research & Market Analysis

We talked to different logistics and suppliers from all around the globe. We found some interesting dealers that were looking to source some unique products into our country.

Q1 2021

Website Design

Our Website was created with unique products to offer to our customers.

End Of 2021

We are adding features such as overseas shipping , Voting exclusive products and many more.

Exciting New Features

Our Partners